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Our App

Designed for our customers to enjoy daily, and make their life simple.  An app that is user-friendly, with a variety of advanced features which provide luxury and quality experiences.
Having done the planning and selection of plans to fill up your holiday, wasting no time for you to have the time of our life.

“It is not a reservation, it's a story to tell in the future”

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The Plans


  • Create account

  • Filter your search

  • Make reservations

  • Location information

  • Check menu and prices

  • Check availability of date & time

  • See some of the services available



 We Recommend 


Cancel anytime 

​Everything available in the Free Plan, plus:

  • Make payments and collect points (for discounts, promotions & offers)

  • Weather forecasts, World clock, Money converter

  • 3 modifications and 2 cancelations allowed

  • Order before arriving and takeaways

  • Week schedule with reservations 

  • Store with program packages 

  • Floor plans to choose areas

  • Access to private areas

5.99€ per month



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